Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Mar 24, 2008

The FBI investigating With Felix Homogratus

First of all, I'd like to declare the purpose of writing this topic which is like a case in the court. There are many people in this world who need to be refined for the benefit of all of us. So let us begin to judge those people. I as a Broker have passed through a very bad experience during my trading history, which I'll never forget. And actually there are many of me.

In fact, there are many people who don't know what Forex Market is, it is simply a market where you can trade and exchange currencies. All in all, let me begin explaining my case.

My discussion will include specific persons Dimitry, Felix, and pharaoh, who actually consider themselves the protectors of Forex Market. The fact that many people don't know is that these 3 persons were imprisoned before they began their activity in Forex Market. And after their release, they entered Forex Market as a Brokerage Firm. They built their website by copying and pasting the contents from other websites because certainly they had no idea about how to trade in Forex, moreover their platform was a fake one in order to cause traders' loss. According to their bad intentions, they collected about 3 million$ from traders as a real accounts without returning it to them. Eventually as well as again, in 2000 they were imprisoned by FBI and NFA.

More after, their return was as the return of the Devils, they were back to abuse Forex Market and to bring brokers to the ground. So Felix made many websites like Kingforexsignals, Forexrealm, Forexdiamonds, Secretnewsweapon, alansmoneyblog.com/forum- some of them are for Forex signals, some other are forums, and some others are brokerage firms- in order to attract traders. One of Felix's websites was Forex Bastards, which till 2007 wasn't known as a scam website service. Forex Bastards' aim was to claim that some brokers were scams and to warn traders from dealing with them.

At the beginning of 2008, FBI investigated this website and tracked its owner (Felix) and when Felix knew about that, he immediately changed this website's name to "Forexpeacearmy". And as a result they couldn't claim his guiltiness. Then, this website continued its earlier activity till now.

So, after revealing the truth what do you think about it? I’ll leave comments for you all.

But all what I want to say is that this Black Market should be terminated by a way or another. Because recently Forex Marked undergo many problems and traders suffer from currency fluctuation, which is enough to bear, so there is no need to increase our economic problems by the existence of this Black Market. This Black Market is like Ozone Hole that will cause people to be killed, it is one of the biggest diseases in Forex Market that will abolish many innocent brokers. Therefore, this deadly serpent must be fought.

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