Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Mar 24, 2008

Fake Characters in Felix's websites & Forums

Before saying anything about this scammer, I want you to observe the following illusion that Felix has done here & there

Open the following website that owned by Felix http://www.wpips.com/

Scroll down till you reach the Testimonials, you will find someone called Juneed Khan saying "I'm up 1500 pips so far from July 15, 2007"

Now open this profile in MySpace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=206013400

This is the profile of the of the same person in the Testimonials but with two different names

The Employees that are working with Felix:

1- RASHID GASHOR: He is working as messenger For Forex Bastards

He is Arabian but lives in United State open accounts with different brokers & try to make problems with those brokers like the following problems:

- Claiming that there is no money arrived after the withdrawal

- Recording & Editing the chats to be published in the forums

- Scalping

- Giving his account to other trader

- Cheating in credit cards

Rashid has been boasted several times & he never stops that he is now using fake characters in the forums with several fake emails & usernames

Always defending for Forex Bastards & scamming other brokers

2- Robert Grespi: He is working as publisher in the forums with different IDs like Pharaoh, deezee, DJDJ, theskyhy, DaveO, Vettah, Pipsgeek, Ilya Paniotov, musketeer, CeleronS, arturofield, trader, OzWizard, ForexGump, StandingCow, rajeev, Abundant1


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