Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Mar 24, 2008

History Felix Homogratus aka Dmiti

Felix Homogratus = Dmitri Chavkerov

The both are one character & that give us a signal that he is escaping from his real name for some purposes may be arrested by his old name, to be able to gain money again he must change his real name to be Felix Homogratus

The bulletin boards have been awash with tales of the self-labeled Felix Homogratus, Felix the Bastard, but whose real name is Dmitri Chavkerov.

Dmitri Chavkerov has been busted by I.C.E Agents on 11/30/07
He is also not an American Citizen He is Russian

United States District Court Documents

Below is the actual Governments complaint against Dmitri's girlfriend Yuliya M. Kalinina note in the interview she admits he is not a U.S citizen, and in his interview (pg-12) he admits he had knowledge of and willingly took part in this FRAUD against the United States of America.

Also note that Dmitri is not the big shot Forex Mogul he tries to make everyone believe he is, he runs his little operation from the coffee table of his law breaking girlfriend's apartment.

I'm sure that you are surprised now like me but after showing you my evidence there will not be any suddenly surprise

Official Criminal Complaint Documents (PDF) - Case NO 07-1636M-1

Press Release- Busted in Marina Del Rey, CA for Marriage Fraud

CNN VIDEO - CNN Story On Just How Foolish They Were

L.A Times Story - About Dmitri and Yuliya's Fraudulent Scheme

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