Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Mar 24, 2008

Felix Helped Adam & Tahir to stole Credit Cards

If you are one of those who are interested in Forex Forums, so you actually know what I'm talking about, if not, so it is better for you to know. T

Here is a website, which is interested in indicating many brokers as scammers, known as ForexPeaceArmy.

This website is owned by Felix assisted by other group of people whose aim is to abuse brokers' reputation. After detecting those people's history unfortunately I found that this Felix and other members of his group, Dimitry and pharaoh, were imprisoned twice before. Moreover, Adam and Tahir are Mafia Traders who opened many accounts with many brokers and worked with Automated Expert Advisers that allow them only to win never to lose.

They were opening platforms from different IPs, which indicates that they were working for the sake of each other.

What may be a surprise for you was not a surprise for me after knowing all this, for Adam was boasted before by the CIA for using different IP and stealing credit cards through the web.

I think words cannot express our reactions, so instead we should take actions, for actions in cases like this are most effective. I think the best expression to describe this Black Market- that gives wrong signals and fake reviews about brokers- is that it is like AIDS, which has no cure, its only cure is to eradicate it. We must stop it and bring it to an end to clear up Forex Market.

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