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Mar 24, 2008

Robert Grespi Has No Mercy

Thank you for visiting my blog that will move your thinking directions to some realities in the web known by small number of people. My mission is to provide you with my story that will prevent other people from being trapped like me.

I was trading in Forex market since 1999 & at this time there wasn't too much brokerage firms like now. I heard about Introducing broker called Robert Grespi & I picked his telephone, I called him & we arranged meeting in his company but he surprised me when I went there that I smelt drugs in his office !!!!

I Ignored & he was talking with me so professionally that lead me to trust him & the company & I bought from them signals, then he followed up with me friendly to see the effect of the signals but each time when I say that I'm losing the respond was that you need a new course in Forex !!!

I was losing money for 2 months & he still saying you need Forex course

I left him after many disputes between me & him because of losing my money & time, doing fake trading strategies developed by him.

At Feb 2000 while I was reading news paper I found his photo in a topic, it was big surprise for me to see that FBI investigating with him & all his capital was reserved.

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