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Apr 2, 2008

Protect Forex Market with Firewall against Spammers

If you are interesting in trading especially in Forex Market, then you should be recruited with us to protect and save it from the spammers who want to destroy it, even if it is required to build a Firewall against them.

Our weapon in this war should be our deep belief in the existence of the goodness. Those spammers built their own websites in order to persuade innocent traders with their devilish superstitions. The problem is that in such a Market a tiny word can cause disturbance, so what if a whole Forums or websites discussing bad allegations.

There is a list of their websites we attain till now:

· Kingforexsignals.com

· Forexrealm.com

· Forexdiamonds.com

· Secretnewsweapon.com

· alansmoneyblog.com/forum

· Mbtrading.com

Some of these websites are Brokerage Firms and some other are for Forums. And who knows if there is another websites.

We discovered those spammers' method, for they are making their allegations in their forums to attract people and make them either to believe them or to fear trading with brokers they mention. And after that they propose certain brokers for traders, which are in fact belonging to them. And they practice their erection on them.

What we gain after following those spammers is just loss, so what if for once we follow our reason?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is nothing.... They are using a fake address for over 4 years now!

Dimitri changed his address on Broadway in LA, to Broadway NYC to look more official.

Nothing about this guy is legit. Beware!