Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Apr 2, 2008

Felix is the Owner of MB Trading

This blog was sent to me by email from one of the visitors of my blog, suffering adding this story to the package of Felix scam websites' group. Do not be afraid from trading in Forex after reading this post, but take care from the one who attack Forex.

It is obvious that Forex Market suffers from many problems as an economic world. But it is also clear that there are many enemies who want to disturb it and bring it to the ground; they are definitely called Bustards.

In fact, those Bustards built their own website and named it with their name "Forex Bustards"!!! They built it to destroy patent brokers by making allegations about them that they are scams. Then after discovering their crime, they changed its name to be "Forex Peace Army", where they continued their devilish mission.

Actually, those Bustards have many websites, the fact that many people do not know, such websites like Forex Bustards, Forex Peace Army, Forex Diamonds, King Signal Forex, and there is the newest predicate that http://www.mbtrading.com/ is owned by Felix, the Bustard.

This is what I found written in the email:

"MB Trading is a Broker website where I traded with 20,000$, and the result was that I lost them, for they gave me wrong signals and they did not return to me my money. And there is 1300$ pending withdrawal from 10/2007 and till now there is no money".

May be there are many websites owned by Felix and no body knows about them. So if you please, if any body knows any thing about it inform us by sending an email at forex.peace.army@gmail.com

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