Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Apr 2, 2008

Convert Your Way in Thinking about Forex Brokers

There is no doubt that our intuition says that if any one wants to make good so the results must be for the benefit of the others. But what if this one pretends doing well and his intention and the results are evil.

Actually, trading in Forex Market contains risks as well as secure. But the percentage of risk is unpredictable, for you cannot claim your profit or loss 100%; it is just left to fortune. Besides, there are certain people allege that they know what is good for traders and what is bad, but in reality they are the evil itself!

It is considered selfishness of them to call certain brokers scam and nominate theirs as patent. And the inculpable traders have no choice but either to believe them or to become worried about it, which is actually a bad sign.

Their effect is influential if not ruinous. Therefore, we should play an active role in protecting Forex Market as well as innocent traders from those Bustards, whose Master is called Felix.

There must be a call for converting our way of thinking about Forex Brokers and about those enemies' real aim. We should know what the benefit they gain from their bad signs about patent brokers, and what the benefit brokers will gain if they lose their clients!!

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