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Mar 23, 2008

Disturbing Forex Market

There is no doubt that if you are a trader in the Forex Market, you will be much concerned with Forex Market's stability and conditions. There are many factors that cause Forex Market's inclination.

First, there are Forex enemies who intend to speak bad mouth about some brokers in order to abuse their reputation, and make them lose traders as well. They usually claim that these brokers are scammers.

They also send certain traders to some brokers in order to make problems with these brokers. These traders tend to cause troubles either by trading wrongly or by stealing money and cause these brokers' loss like Adam Pecherski.

Moreover, some of those Forex enemies, who are actually owners of Brokerage Firms, provide traders with wrong signals which consequently cause traders' loss. Eventually, those traders will become afraid of trading in Forex and will lose trustworthy in any broker, especially those whom they dealt with.

Besides, there is a technical way (a devilish one) that causes a drawback in the brokers' trade system. It is by developing fake software as an expert adviser, this automation system claims trader's profit without doing much effort. Actually this technique was used by Tahir Saeed as well as others.

In addition, some of those enemies steal brokers' platforms and sell them under their names, which is not in their rightful possession. It is like stealing some other's effort and contends it to be yours.

Also some of them intend establishing bad reputation for good brokers inside their own websites, so that traders and visitors to this website will see these indictments of the brokers, and as a result will keep away from them.

On the other hand, those enemies spam the Forex Forums with wrong reviews about brokers to convince people of their bad business to keep them away from these brokers and cause their loss, as Rashid Ghafoor did.

All these factors cause Forex Market declension and make it fall gradually, and consequently if this continues to happen Forex Market will vanish one day.

There is something called Product Life Cycle

It consists of three levels

1- Ascending: In which the volume of the transactions that achieved in Forex Market are increasing [From 1.9 Trillion $ to be 3 Trillion dollars]

2- Constant: in which the Forex Market will be fixed for a period of time at a specific level

3- Descending: in which the volume of transactions achieved will be decreasing till it reach a New Product Life Cycle & so on.

Those Firms, Traders, brokers & associations like ForexPeaceArmy are helping in the declination in the trend of Forex Market at all.

As we see in the following period too, many traders lost their money & afraid to open accounts again even if it is with his brother's broker.

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