Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Apr 13, 2008

Secrets of Forex Peace Army

After investigations we came up with Felix's secrets (Bastards' Master). His real name is Coffman. He is an American citizen; he is a rich man from a rich family.

Moreover, Coffman is the owner of MB Trading- a brokerage firm- which is registered in the States. Also, his brother in law is one of the owners of FX Solutions, which is a brokerage firm also registered in the States.

So, Coffman, or as all of you used to call him a Felix, is the owner of Forex Peace Army (FPA, which was Forex Bastards before), Forex Diamonds, King Signal Forex, and there is the newest predicate that http://www.mbtrading.com/ is owned by him.

After all previous announcements, there is no need to show you who Coffman (Felix) is, the bastard who make allegations about other patent brokers, and at the same time working for the sake of his own broker and his brother's too!!!

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