Felix Bastards Criminal Record

Apr 17, 2008

FPA and Peter Bain…Another Form of Scam

Have any one of you ever heard about Master/Slave relationship?

For sure all of us know the meaning of such a kind of relationships. Here you can easily apply it in Felix Homogratus and Peter Bain relationship.

Peter Bain is the owner of http://www.forexmentor.com/ a website for Forex education and signal provider. But also there is another job for him; he is a member of FPA!!! And here is the link where you can see the proof:


Peter Bain also sells his expert adviser and educational courses on DVDs, and moreover he advises traders not to begin trading before asking for his advice, for the sake of good trade!!!

Thus, how he can be considered a well qualified master when he doesn't have a class master who can teach people great courses like Forex. He just learned two lessons or may be more than that from Felix about Forex, and he depends on this shaken fact to propagate for himself as a well qualified master in Forex!!!


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